Frequently Asked Questions

What is the date and hours of the Extreme Car and Truck Show?

March 9, 2019 9AM-1PM

Where is the Extreme Car and Truck Show located?

In front of Lamar Dixon Expo Center

Can I preregister?


Where do I preregister?

Pre-registration is available online at Extreme Car Show.

Can I register at the door?

Yes! You can register your car up until 11:00AM on the day of the show.

Can i register more than one car?

Yes! Register as many cars as you would like!

What is the registration fee?

$35 for the first car, $30 for each additional car.

Can I register an unfinished vehicle?

Yes! We welcome cars and trucks in all walks of life!

Is there a fee to attend the Extreme Car and Truck Show?

No! Come on out and see all the fine cars and trucks and talk with their amazing owners for FREE!

Will the show be indoors/climate controlled

Out doors

Is the Extreme Car and Truck Show open to the public?

Yes! Everyone is welcome and please pass on the invitation to anyone you know!

Can I leave and come back?

Yes! You can leave your car with us, and go enjoy other parts of the festival and come back for the awards!

Is photography allowed?

Yes! Unless a specific owner asks you not to, come on out and take home some great pictures of cars and owners! And feel free to share on FB!

Will there be food/drinks at the event?

Yes! There will be carnival food as well as home grilled BBQ everywhere you look! As well as tons of other activities going on March 7-9! Go to for a full itinerary of other events that will be at the Festival!

Do I have to be present to win an award?

Yes and No! We would love to be able to give you your trophy and take a picture with you, but If you can’t personally be there to accept the award, a friend or family member can accept on your behalf.

What are the Award categories?

Best Engine
Best Paint
Best Interior
Under Construction
Top 3
Best in Show

If I didn’t get my question answered on this page, what is the best way to contact Extreme Car and Truck Show?

Please send email to

Our Vision

South Louisiana Family Festival was created with the vision of providing a clean, family friendly event that promotes local businesses, helps give life transformation from opioids, incarceration, and homelessness through housing, work training and employment.


South Louisiana Family Festival started as Extreme Ranch Rodeo which offered Louisiana its first free admission Professional Bull Riding several years ago. In its first year, PBR at Lamar Dixon drew in over 5,000 people. Since 2010, Extreme Ranch Rodeo has provided over 30 rodeos across the state, reaching more than 75,000!

The South Louisiana Family Festival which has partnered with local businesses from surrounding parishes to offer advertisement through TV, radio, public flyers, social media and the event itself. Over the last few years the festival has added an Extreme Color Run, Car Show, and other exciting events like the Ag Farm and Fair, which focuses on keeping Agriculture alive in our community. Our sponsors and partners have reported that this connection to their community has had a profound and positive impact on their businesses.