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The Extreme Jambalaya Cook Off has a $150 Entry Fee. South LA Family Festival will provide pork, sausage, onions, and 10lb rice. Cook provides seasoning. NO Enhancers. Propane ONLY.
There will be a Cook’s Meeting Thursday, February 21, 2019 at 6:30 P.M. at the Lamar Dixon 4-H Building on S. St Landry Avenue in Gonzales. Contestants who have not completed the online registration process along with payment can register and pay entry then. If you prefer to pay with a check please bring one in the amount of $150 to the meeting payable to the Legacy Foundation.

Winner Prizes
1st Place – $1000 & Trophy
2nd Place – $500 & Trophy
3rd Place – $250 & Trophy

For more information or questions, call 225-315-4244.

To be elgible to compete in the Extreme Jambalaya Cook-Off please complete this registration form. Once you complete the form you will then need to pay your entry fee of $150. If you do not complete both the registration and payment your team will not be able to compete. So let's do this!

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Our Vision

South Louisiana Family Festival was created with the vision of providing a clean, family friendly event that promotes local businesses, helps give life transformation from opioids, incarceration, and homelessness through housing, work training and employment.


South Louisiana Family Festival started as Extreme Ranch Rodeo which offered Louisiana its first free admission Professional Bull Riding several years ago. In its first year, PBR at Lamar Dixon drew in over 5,000 people. Since 2010, Extreme Ranch Rodeo has provided over 30 rodeos across the state, reaching more than 75,000!

The South Louisiana Family Festival which has partnered with local businesses from surrounding parishes to offer advertisement through TV, radio, public flyers, social media and the event itself. Over the last few years the festival has added an Extreme Color Run, Car Show, and other exciting events like the Ag Farm and Fair, which focuses on keeping Agriculture alive in our community. Our sponsors and partners have reported that this connection to their community has had a profound and positive impact on their businesses.